Solarium Design Options

Choose the style that best matches your home.

We design our Solariums with top quality materials. Lincoln Solariums are available in three unique styles to perfectly match the unique style of your home.

Lincoln Solariums are available in three styles designed to make your solarium addition the perfect fit for your home, family, and lifestyle. The Lincoln Solarium is designed in depths of 12 and 16 feet. Lengths start at 11 feet and increase in increments of 4 or 5 feet. Custom sizes are also available.



The Adirondack Solarium

Vaulting arches, angled low-E glass, and our optional ventilation package make the Adirondack our most popular solarium.

The Allegheny Solarium

This elegant Tudor arch design features special insulating glass panels that let in more of the outdoors than conventional window glass.

The Arcadia Solarium

The combination of vertical glass with post and beam framing gives the Arcadia a traditional look while retaining all the benefits of a Lincoln® solarium.

Solarium Enclosures

Open a world of possibilities with back-to-back solarium applications. Discover why customers prefer the superior quality, value, and time saving construction of a Lincoln Solarium.