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Log Homes

Frequently asked questions about The Original Lincoln Logs:

Can I modify one of your floorplans, or adapt a design I already have?

Definitely. Our design and engineering staff have worked with thousands of homebuyers who've had the same questions and concerns that you have. We make modifications to our own plans, work with existing plans from other sources, and design many homes completely from scratch. Either way, your home is as unique as you are.

There isn't much that cannot be done in adapting your ideas to our building system. We prepare specific prints for each customer's own home, using our CAD system, so that you can build your home the way you want it. Your dealer or sales representative will work together with you, and our design staff to make your dream home a reality.

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What is included in your home packages? Do you offer a turn-key project, or will I need to hire a contractor?

Our packages include the materials needed to build your weather-tight shell. That includes the logs and sealant system, windows, doors, roof system and roofing materials. You or your contractor will need to prepare the site and build the foundation and first floor deck, before your log home package arrives. You or your contractor will also be responsible for the interior materials such as wiring, plumbing and other finish materials.

Some of our dealers are also builders and can offer you a turn-key project. Others will be able to help you find a contractor in your area. Some of our customers choose to be their own general contractor and subcontract out the various phases of their project.

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How much do your homes cost? What will be my total cost to build?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to costs, and costs may vary by region of the country. Our packages range in price from $22,000 for a 384 square foot cabin to over $186,000 for a 4,000 square foot sprawling contemporary design. Typically, purchase plus construction costs are three to four times the package price, generisk site, so an average $60,000 package could cost between $180,000 and $240,000, plus the land, site preparation, and foundation costs. Again, your total cost may vary depending on such things as your land, site preparation, local construction costs, interior materials and applications you choose, and the amount of work you choose to do yourselves.

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I’m interested in building a Lincoln Logs home; However, there is no dealer in my area. Can you help me?

Definitely. Many of our customers have built successfully in areas where we have no local dealer. Some have gone on to become new dealers for us in those areas. Our professional staff located in our corporate sales offices are experienced in helping people like you through the process. In addition, our detailed construction manual and video are designed to help you or your contractor during the planning and building phases.

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