Add a room with a view.

Not only does the Original Lincoln Logs make the finest log homes, we also offer a line of quality solariums. This spectacular room enhances the lifestyle and value to your log home.

Your solarium as unique as you are.

We offer our solarium in three different architectural styles. That way, you can choose the "profile" that best suits the unique style of your home.


An aluminum glazing system means years of maintenance free weather protection.

Our solarium package* includes a complete roof system with all the extras.

We use only premium grade laminated wood arches for unmatched beauty and strength.

Our top-quality Low E insulated glass lets you enjoy the great view in comfortable style

Pre-assembled walls assure both quality and easy construction.

We also offer options such as ventilation systems, quality aluminum doors and windows, and a variety of wood finishes and exteriors.

We'll even provide customized engineering plans to assure perfect integration with your home's style and structure.

When most people think of adding a sunroom or solarium, they imagine a lightweight covered porch attached to the side of a house.

At Lincoln® Solariums, we take a different approach. We think a solarium should be more than additional square footage. We believe a solarium can be something that adds a spectacular lifestyle and design centerpiece to your home.

That's why our solariums are designed to be fully open to the interior of the home. It's also why we build our solariums to look and feel as if they were part of the original design.

A complete package.

Our solarium packages come with all the quality building materials required to complete the project. There's no running around town looking for supplies for you or your contractor. That also means that our solariums are easier, and faster to build. Because each component has been carefully selected, you'll be assured that the finished solarium will last for the lifetime of your home.

Now is a great time for a solarium.

If you're still in the planning stages, now is a perfect time to add a Lincoln® Solarium. Our engineering staff will design the solarium to fit seamlessly into your floorplan. If you want to add a solarium to an existing house, we can help as well. We'll recommend options that will enhance the character of your home in ways that will match the existing style and architecture.

Not only will you love the extra view and living-space, you'll also appreciate how a solarium can improve the value of your home.

Call 800-833-2461 today and learn how a Lincoln® Solarium will change the way you look at your home.